The Future is Wow

Wownero is a fork of the cryptocurrency Monero with primary alterations.

Wownero’s emission is capped and supply is finite.

Wownero is a fairly launched coin with no premine.

It’s not a fork of another blockchain. With its own genesis block there is no degradation of privacy caused by ring signatures using different participants for the same transaction outputs.

Unlike opposing forks.


Bitcointalk ANN

Every coin needs on of these

Source code and binaries

You can download wallets and daemons here


Mining blocks for the wows.

Block Explorer

Born late to explore the earth, born too soon to explore the cosmos, born just in time to explore blocks.

Core Devs:


Creator of initial version and shitty bots and GUIs. P2P Blockchain networks are basically massively interconnected shitty bots with or without GUIs.

Lead Code Adder

Lead Dev responsible for merging code from Monero and other places.

Lead GUI Dev/Compiler

Lead GUI developer because people need GUIs or they throw a hissy fit.

Guy Who Draws Stuff

Drawer of all the things.


Fitalik Vuterin
Lead ICO Milker

After advising countless shitty ICOs, how could we go wrong with his advice.

Lead Twitter Troll

His experience stewarding Monero and introducing payment processors for shitty country music will be invaluable.

Lead Asshole

Lead asshole.

Lead Marketing Bear

Dumping all the coins.

Founding Visionary

Philtoshi Kodemoto

Founder and visionary – Wownero will always remain true to Philkode's original vision.

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