The future is wow!

Wownero is a CPU-mineable privacy-centric memecoin. It is a software fork of Monero with a lite version of RandomX (1MB scratchpad), a ring size of 22, and a faster difficulty adjustment. Wownero has a deflationary finite supply of 184,467,440 coins with a slow and steady emission over 50 years. Wownero is a fairly launched coin with no premine, instamine, or dev tax.

Unlike Opposing Forks.

Be your own inter-dimensional bank

WOW is a secure, fungible, private, and untraceable memecoin. It is open-source and accessible to all. With WOW, you are your own interdimensional bank! Your accounts and transactions remain private until the end of time. Evade taxes, meme, and bribe public officials with complete anonymity. Download one of our many wallets and get started.

Join the community

Abandon all hope ye who meme here. Want to join our rag-tag group of cypherpunks and crypto-anarchists? You can contribute to Wownero development via our git or submit a proposal to our funding system.

Such mining, many CPU, much wow.

Mining WOW is scientifically proven to increase testosterone and vitality. Wownero is ASIC-Resistant and uses an algorithm that is optimized for general-purpose CPUs. You can mine the traditional way, with XMRig, or you can download WOW Spelunker, paste your wallet address, sit back, and collect.


Core developers

  • Jwinterm


    Founder and maintainer of core code and shitty Wownero bots.

  • Wowario


    Lead Dev responsible for merging code from Monero.

  • Dsc_


    Creator of shitty GUIs and core infra.

  • Cartyisme

    Guy Who Draws Stuff

    Guy with no coding skills who draws and memes.


  • Fitalik

    Ico Shill

    After countless shitty ICOs, how could we go wrong with his advice.

  • Garytheasshole


    Freenode troll with a generally bad attitude. A total asshole.

  • Phil Kode


    We will always remain true to Philkode's original vision.

  • Fluffy Doge

    Twitter Troll

    Introduced payment processors for shitty country music.

  • Shillosopher

    Lead Chad

    Shitcoin billionaire and the manliest man in crypto.